Farewell! Kilshaw's Auctioneers is Now Closed

Selling At Kilshaw’s

Kilshaw’s receives “saleable” items for auction every day except Thursday and Sunday, between 9 am and 5 pm, provided there is space in the warehouse. You can call us at (250) 384-6441 to ask whether there is currently space in the warehouse for your consignment. Furniture is best delivered on Friday and Saturday between 9am and 5 pm. There is a 15 minute general loading zone at our front door to facilitate drop-offs.

For large items, Kilshaw’s can visit the home to determine whether we have buyers for your pieces. To determine whether small items are “saleable”, they can be brought into our salesrooms or, for your convenience, an image can be sent to auctions@kilshaws.com . Specialty pieces are held for the next upcoming Antique and Fine Art or Collectible auction. Kilshaw’s holds Specialty Sales every month.

Kilshaw’s Commission Structure (per individual lot)

$0 to $20    50%
$21 to $50    $10
$51 to $1,000    20%
$1,001 to $5,000    15%
$5,000 to $10,000    10%
$10,001 and up    5%
Insurance +1%

Cartage can be arranged at the customer’s expense.

The Fine Print

Kilshaw’s reserves the right to accept of refuse any articles sent in for sale. We may group articles into saleable lots and itemize these, where practical. While we may suggest a carrier, we accept no responsibility for damage caused by such carrier. Packing, transport and delivery of the articles will be at the Seller’s sole expense and risk.

We make no guarantees, representations or warranties with respect to the selling price of any consigned property. Any selling price estimates are for information purposes only. All items are sold unreserved unless otherwise specified at the time of consignment and confirmed by us in writing. An addition of a reserve after the date of consignment may result in extra advertising, storage, handling fees and loss of commission charges to the Consignor. Lots that do not meet a stated reserve are uninsured and therefore must be removed the day following the sale. If they are not removed, the lots may be put up for auction the following week without reserve. We shall not be liable for failure of any property to sell at the estimated price or reserve price.

All electrical items must be in good working order or repairs and handling charges will be billed to your account (unless sold “as is”). No property may be withdrawn after the date of consignment without the Auctioneer’s written consent. If we consent to such a withdrawal, handling, advertising, storage and any out of pocket expenses incurred by us will be payable by the Consignor.

If we receive full payment from the Buyer, the proceeds of the sale will be available at the office one week following the sale, (less commission, cartage and any other costs incurred, such as gemological appraisals). Cheques will be mailed only when requested by the Consignor, on amounts exceeding one hundred ($100) dollars and once all lots have cleared. It normally takes three to five weeks from the date of consignment for pay outs to be ready.

Although we use every care, we will not be responsible for any damage to any property caused by climactic and atmospheric conditions or earthquakes, or any other Act of God, nor shall we be responsible for any damage to picture framed or items with previous damage.

Thank you for consigning with Kilshaw’s.